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ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS department in ŽĎAS, a.s. secures the development, design, projective processing of documentation, development of application SW PLC, visualisation and virtualization, own production of electrical equipment for the products manufactured in ŽĎAS, a.s. and also for the equipment modernized and operated in ŽĎAS, a.s.

Main focus::

In the industrial automation industry, we offer full solution for electric equipment, control systems, sensors‘ design and action elements from the analysis to project, supply, assembly and commissioning. Mainly, full solution for electrical equipment for the following products remains in focus:

  • Hydraulic presses, mechanical presses
  • Forging sets, forging presses, forging manipulators
  • Straightening lines, division lines, inspection lines and their modification
  • Drum cutter and their modifications
  • Hydraulic cutters for metal waste processing
  • Packet and cutting presses for waste material processing
  • Technological sets and superior control designed according to the customer’s requirements (MES and ERP communication)
  • Conventional machining tools
  • CNC machining tools (modernisation, reconstruction) equipped by following control systems: SINUMERIC 840D, MEFI CNC872 (drilling mills, cutters, flame cutters, horizontal and vertical boring mills, lathes, rotary tables)
  • Electric arc furnaces control and regulation
  • NN distributors for halls and transformer rooms, including application of highly sophisticated solution


  • Projects for following control systems: PLC Simatic S7, B+R, Koyo, Allen-Bradley, B&R, SCADA Win CC, TiaPortal v.14, In Touch, Control Web
  • Drive designing (direct, alternating, servodrive) from SIEMENS, ABB, DANFOSS, CONTROL TECHNIQUES, YASKAWA

Designing software:
EPLAN Electric P8 v 2.6, AutoCAD 2011, SW Sichr 16.02, SW SISTEMA

More detailed technical information may be found on the technical support website:

Electric engineering
Ing. Radek Sejtko, vedoucí projektant
Phone: +420 566 64 1923, +420 602 507 680