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General Overhaul and Modernisation

Repairs, modernization and reconstruction of machine-tools

Engineering, manufacturing, measuring, testing

We offer complete solution for repairs and modernization of machine-tools and machinery from the project, preparation of documentation, manufacture to the assembly and putting into operation on site.

The General Overhaul department performs the repairs, modernization and reconstruction of machine-tools and machinery both in the company ŽĎAS, a. s. and within the Czech and Slovak Republics. It provides the development, design, preparation of design and technological documentation and the manufacture itself for the equipment modernized.

We focus on complete solution for the following products:

  • Conventional machine-tools:
    • horizontal boring and milling machines: W100, WH 10, WHN11, WHN13, WD160, WD200 even by exchange, W160, W200
    • milling machines: FRO10, FP16, FP20, FRVD 20
    • lathes: SV18, SU 80, SRM 100, SRM 125, SUT 126, S 2100
    • vertical lathes: SK10, SK12, SK25, SK40, SK50
    • turntables: E20 even by exchange, E25, S35, S60
    • other machines requested by the customer
  • CNC machine-tools (modernization, reconstruction) equipped with SINUMERIC 840D, MEFI CNC872 control systems for the same types of machines as the conventional ones (horizontal boring and milling machines, milling machines, lathes, vertical lathes, turntables, cutters, flame-cutting machines)
  • Electric arc furnaces
  • Bridge cranes and stackers
  • Rail-guided vehicles
  • Repairs of mechanical parts of machines, manufacture of subcomponents of the equipment repaired
  • Friction and hydraulic presses

Moreover, we offer the manufacture of various parts (cooperation) both from customer´s materials and from ŽĎAS materials.

We have a technology that enables to make parallel splining on shafts having foot diameter of 20 – 300 mm, length up to 5 500 mm and workpiece weight of 8 000 kg max.

Designing software: AutoCAD 2015


ŽĎAS, a.s.
General Overhauling
Strojírenská 675/6
591 01 Žďár nad Sázavou
Czech Republic

Antonín Janda, head of General Overhaul dept.
tel.: +420 566 64 1813
mobile: +420 602 548 082
e-mail: antonin.janda@zdas.cz

Miroslav Šuhaj, designer
tel.: +420 566 64 1812
e-mail: miroslav.suhaj@zdas.cz