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We set the direction of machine engineering industry development, keep the tradition of the Žďas brand and by an innovative approach to work, we offer products of the highest quality. We are not a company with a standard mass production focused only of profit generation, but we do try hard to develop the human resources potential and increase the competitiveness of our company. We are aware of our responsibility to the environment and to the employees. We know how to show our appreciation.
Simply, we do our job by heart and we do it well.


The difference between us and other companies in the region is our friendly environment, helpful approach and understanding the needs of our people. We do not consider you as our employees, but as co-workers, helping us to constantly improve Žďas a.s. and keeping us as one of the top companies in our industry. Quite simply, you can take advantage of your abilities at our company.

“There are three types of values you need for any work in the world: capital, knowledge and freedom” (Tomáš Baťa).

We will provide you the capital, you already have the knowledge, so find your freedom in employment with us!


The doors of our company are fully open to young, qualified and educated people willing to develop their abilities and skills. We offer a helping hand to students when solving their projects or preparing for their diploma, bachelor or graduate thesis. Possibilities of practice or contract work is then offered to initiative and perspective students.

Give us a chance and let us prove to you that our company can develop your potential.


Managerial positions

Technical positions

Production and services

Office work

Further job opportunities are available at our subsidiary TS Plzeň, a.s.

Didn’t you find what you were looking for? Are you interested in any other position, practice or contract work? Feel free to contact us!

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