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Technical Calculations

Technical Calculations in ŽĎAS,a.s. offer control calculations of machine components and sets in the stage of proposal mainly by the finite element method in MSC.Marc. program system.

These are calculations of following types:

Static calculations

  • Linear and non-linear calculations of deformations and stresses on checked machine sets under force, deformation and thermal load
  • Checking of construction stability
  • Geometrical nonlinearities like contacts, large displacements and deformations, material nonlinearities like plasticity

Thermal calculations

  • Calculations of stable and unstable thermal fields
  • Shared heat by heat radiations and circuits with the possibility of considering thermal dependence of material characteristics

Dynamic calculations

  • Modal analysis – calculation of own shapes and frequencies
  • Solution for load feedback, varying in time

Combined tasks

  • Combined flexibilities and heat tasks with the possibility to consider heat generation through abrasion, plastic deformations
  • Heat sharing from body contacts with the possibility to consider their mutual position in case of heat radiation sharing

Hardness evaluation

  • Evaluation of components from the limiting conditions point of view
  • Malleable fracture
  • Acute fracture
  • Fatigue dependent on flexibility, heat or dynamic calculations‘ results

Consulting activity

  • Support for constructor and designer in the stage of proposal


Josef Mrkos
Research and Development Officer
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