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Offer of Free Equipment

ŽĎAS, a.s. offers its free equipment and machines to be sold:

EquipmentTypeYear of productionSerial NumberInventory NumberWeightTechnical ConditionManufacturerPhoto
Horizontal boring machine No. 1823, control system Mefi (1999)WHN13197304031131235 tonsusedTOS Varnsdorfphoto, photo
Horizontal boring machine No. 1677, disassembled machineWD160/40001966Ob 188411005842 tonsusedŠkoda Plzeňphoto, photo
Horizontal boring machine No. 1504, disassembled machine, partsWD200/40001964Ob 183629275-usedŠkoda Plzeň-
Horizontal boring machine No. 1836WHN 9A197412161142612 tonsusedTOS Varnsdorfphoto, photo
Horizontal boring machine No. 1837, disassembled machineWHN 9A197412171142712 tonsusedTOS Varnsdorfphoto, photo
Horizontal boring machine, rotary table, 3 heads, plate field / 2 pcsWD200/4000, E20, 1870 × 6400mm1963, 196717782, 192498437, 1003564 tons (8.5 tons / 1 pc)usedŠKODA Plzeňphoto
Horizontal boring machine + E20, plate field / 7 pcsWD160/6000, 1750 × 6400mm196017210668243 tons + 9 tons (8 tons / 1 pc)usedŠKODA Plzeňphoto
Horizontal boring machine No.1343, Accessories: table E20, plate field / 4 pcs, aux. head / 1 pcsWD160/70001962, 1966Ob17755, Ob 18768864246 tons, 9,5 tonsusedŠkada Plzeňphoto, photo, photo
Assembly tonsapping machine, 2 pcsMZ21982---usedŽdánicephoto
Vertical milling machine No. 2178, table 630 x 1800FGSV50198612271140476,5 tonsusedTOS Kuřimphoto
Metal saw No. 2149OH2531985851226413767570 kgusedBulharskophoto
Netal saw No. 1784PR3019711532-583110571120 kgusedTOS Varnsdorfphoto
Auxiliary bed for WD200 / L-30004.25 tonsusedŠKODA Plzeňphoto
Centre lathe No. 94SU50 A /2000195721201697553.5 tonsused, disassembledTOS Lipníkphoto, photo
Centre lathe No. 1415, accessoriesSU63A/2750196442256388506.2 tonsusedTOS Čelákovicephoto, photo
Vertical milling machine No. 806, Accessories: 2 pcs of vicesFA 5V19593461456255 tonsusedTOS Kuřimphoto
Vertical milling machine No. 1030, Accessories: 1 pc viceFA 5H19613703668124.8 tonsusedTOS Kuřimphoto
Pattern milling machine No. 935FWM198010044-100464933,8 tonsusedTOS Svitavyphoto
Mortising chains6 až 28 × 34
Mortising chain12 × 36
Mortising set12, 14, 16, 20
Hydraulic platform197756311919usedStrojexportphoto
Tool grinder No. 1960BN102A1979049421122161 tonusedTOS Hostivařphoto
Tool grinding machinesBBT350, BN102, BND17, EBN2D
Accumulator fork-lift truckEV 717 No.14519763201761245117513.5 tonsusedBulgariaphoto

Note: The machines are located in the premises of ŽĎAS,a.s. company.

Contact person:

Jana Štursová
Phone: +420 566 643 117
Mobile phone: +420 727 902 193
E-mail: jana.stursova@zdas.cz