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Offer of Free Equipment

ŽĎAS, a.s. offers its free equipment and machines to be sold:

EquipmentTypeYear of productionSerial NumberInventory NumberWeightTechnical ConditionManufacturerPhoto
Centre lathe No. 1126SU80A/27501962041566876276,4 tonsusedTOS Čelákovicephoto, photo, photo
Centre lathe No. 1643SU80A/20001966042423599506 tonsusedTOS Čelákovicephoto, photo
Milling machining centerMCV10019951189105,5 tonsusedKovosvit Sez.Ústíphoto, photo
Rotary tableE201975Ob 21269-9,5 tonsusedŠkoda Plzeňphoto, photo
Rotary tableE201967Ob 19249100359,5 tonsusedŠkoda Plzeňphoto, photo
Rotary tableE201965Ob 18691-9,5 tonsusedŠkoda Plzeňphoto, photo
Horizontal boring machine No. 1975, control system: MEFI /2002/WHN13.4A198004101226432 tonsusedTOS Varnsdorfphoto, photo
Horizontal boring machine WD160/4000 No. 2347 (Disassembly possible in 1.Q 2022)WD160/40001959Ob1691817662-usedŠkoda Plzeňphoto
Acces: rotary table (GO with modernization 2013), 2 pc base platesISO161977021719297-usedTOS Hulínphoto
Hydraulic press No. 2202 (180 tons, table diameter 300 mm)-1966-141762,8 tonsusedŽĎASphoto
Twisting-mill No. 2069-1962-7447-usedŽĎASphoto
Coordinate boring machine No. 1903VR5N-B1977154119258,8 tonsusedKovosvit Ústí nad Labemphoto, photo
EDM machine, disassembled machineRoboform 501999650117/95199183553,4 tonsusedSchweizphoto
Accumulator fork-lift truck No. 145EV 71719763201761245117513,5 tonsusedBulharskophoto
Horizontal boring machine No. 1823, control system Mefi (1999)WHN13197304031131235 tonsusedTOS Varnsdorfphoto, photo
Horizontal boring machine No. 1837WHN 9A197412171142712 tonsusedTOS Varnsdorfphoto, photo
Vertical milling machine No. 806, Accessories: 2 pcs of vicesFA 5V19593461456255 tonsusedTOS Kuřimphoto
Vertical milling machine No. 1030, Accessories: 1 pc viceFA 5H19613703668124.8 tonsusedTOS Kuřimphoto
Hydraulic platform197756311919usedStrojexportphoto
Tool grinder No. 1960BN102A1979049421122161 tonusedTOS Hostivařphoto
Tool grinding machinesBBT350, BN102, BND17, EBN2D
Table grinder no. 115BM40019528062980,3 tonsusedTOS Varnsdorfphoto
Universal milling machine No. 804, acces: 1 pc viceFA 3U19593113819941,5 tonsusedTOS Olomoucphoto
Vertical milling machine No. 431, acces: 1 pc viceFA 3V195425101/542281,6 tonsusedTOS Olomoucphoto
Drilling machine No. 110VS201951321461330,5 tonsusedTOS Olomoucphoto
Welding deviceWTU 200.1019869408017136710,15 tonsusedMEZ Broumovphoto
Centre lathe No. 123SU50/1500195213020545503 tonsusedTOS Lipník nad Bečvouphoto
Centre lathe No. 981SU35/10001960204D-6066482 tonsusedDubnicaphoto
Cylindrical device, 2 pieces1993100258usedphoto

Note: The machines are located in the premises of ŽĎAS,a.s. company.

Contact person:

Jana Štursová
Phone: +420 566 643 117
Mobile phone: +420 727 902 193