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Offer of Free Equipment

ŽĎAS, a.s. offers its free equipment and machines to be sold:

EquipmentTypeYear of productionSerial NumberInventory NumberWeightTechnical ConditionManufacturerPhoto
Horizontal boring machine No. 2188WHN13.4A CNC MEFI198619011408814,6tused (general overhaul 2003)TOS Varnsdorfphoto
Planing machineHD20A / 8000195555-07011016461 tonsused (general overhaul 1974)TOS Holoubkovphoto, photo
Horizontal boring machine, rotary table, 3 heads, plate field / 2 pcsWD200/4000, E20, 1870 × 6400mm1963, 196717782, 192498437, 1003564 tons (8.5 tons / 1 pc)usedŠKODA Plzeňphoto
Horizontal boring machine No. 2347, rotary table No. 2444, 1 head, plate field / 2 pcsWD160/4000, ISO16 (GO2013)1959, 1977Ob16918, 21717662, 1929742.5 tons (8.5 tons / 1 pc)used (repair of electric part 1997)ŠKODA Plzeňphoto
Horizontal boring machine + E20, plate field / 7 pcsWD160/6000, 1750 × 6400mm196017210668243 tons + 9 tons (8 tons / 1 pc)usedŠKODA Plzeňphoto
Horizontal boring machine No. 1424, accessories: reinforcement plateW10019640010886617,5 tonsused, GO 1992TOS Varnsdorfphoto, photo
Portal milling machine No. 1523FP201965078944449 tonsused, GO 1999ZPS Hulínphoto
Portal milling machine No. 1313FP201963046859449 tonsused, GO 2003ZPS Hulínphoto
Boring and Turning Mill No. 400SK121954417100469216,6 tonsused, GO 1995ZPS Hulínphoto
Hydraulic press No. 2389P 6326197813617516-usedSSSRphoto
Assembly tonsapping machine, 3 pcsMZ21982---usedŽdánicephoto
Environmentally friendly washing tonsable-1992-1562937 kgusedNáchod-
Auxiliary bed for WD200 / L-30004.25 tonsusedŠKODA Plzeňphoto
Centre lathe No. 2227SUA100P/30001988Ob 232681438114,7tusedŠkoda Plzeňphoto, photo
Centre lathe No. 94SU50 A /2000195721201697553.5 tonsused, disassembledTOS Lipníkphoto, photo
Centre lathe No. 1530, work steady: 2 pcsSRM100 /30001965Ob 18664944113.8 tonsusedŠKODA Plzeňphoto
Centre lathe No. 1188SU50/150019622120404878433 tonsusedTOS Lipník
Centre lathe No. 1415, accessoriesSU63A/2750196442256388506.2 tonsusedTOS Čelákovicephoto, photo
Centre lathe No.1186SU63A/27001962041583578196.8 tonsusedTOS Čelákovicephoto, photo
Vertical milling machine No. 806, Accessories: 2 pcs of vicesFA 5V19593461456255 tonsusedTOS Kuřimphoto
Vertical milling machine No. 2130, Accessories: 1 pc viceFGSH50198511181135196.5 tonsusedTOS Kuřimphoto
Vertical milling machine No. 1030, Accessories: 1 pc viceFA 5H19613703668124.8 tonsusedTOS Kuřimphoto
Vertical milling machine No.2032FC 50H198228459127106.5 tonsusedTOS Kuřimphoto, photo
Five-axis machining center JOBS No. 2379JO-MACH 24319992430041096512991880239tusedJobs Itáliephoto, photo, photo
Hydraulic platform197756311919usedStrojexportphoto
Clamping blocks: 7 pcs 1200 × 1000 × 750, 2 pcs 950 × 600 × 600,
Tool grinding machinesBNV75, BN4, N1, BBT350, BN102, B4
Accumulator fork-lift truckEV 717 No.14519763201761245117513.5 tonsusedBulgariaphoto
Compact loaderGEHL SL4835 SXT2003403442187692.9 tonsusedUSAphoto, photo

Note: The machines are located in the premises of ŽĎAS,a.s. company.

Contact person: Jana ŠTURSOVÁ – phone: +420 566 64 3117, cell phone: +420 727 902 193