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Ingots from 500 to 20,000 kg

Commercial Manager of Metallurgical Division
Ing. Radek Páral
Phone: +420 566 642 405


  • Low or medium alloyed steel, tool and highly-alloyed, ferritic, austenitic, duplex, martensitic (over 3,500 material brands, including modifications)
  • Ductile cast iron

Manufacturing equipment:

  • Electric arc furnace (EOP)
  • Ladle furnace (LF)
  • Equipment for deep deoxidation and vakuum degassing facilities (VD) with the possibility of vacuum decarburisation of highly-alloyed chrome steel (VOD)
  • System for electromagnetic stirring of smelt (EMS)

Ingot types: polygonal, round, slabs

We offer 40 types of ingots of the weight from 500 to 20,000 kg.

Production is intended for open die forging and rolling.