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  • Belongs among leaders of Czech engineering for more than 70 years.
  • Manufacturer of forming machines, equipment for rolled products processing, metallurgic products and pressing tools.
  • Long years of experience, own modern design and development.
  • High quality, reliability and 100% service.
  • Supplies to nearly fifty countries all over the world.

Purchasing department

  • We have our own Purchasing Department, which covers purchase for Engineering Division, Metallurgical Division, Energy Projects Division and complete purchase of Services and Investments for the entire company.
  • We are also responsible for operation of subcontracting entrance warehouse.
  • We prefer long-term relationships, which are covered by framework purchase agreements.
  • We are open to new proposals and alternatives, which meet all quality and technical requirements.
  • We do not oppose new suppliers and offers.
  • We always announce a tender for value-significant purchases, which is administratively convincing, open and takes into account all aspects of the purchase. We use effective and transparent purchasing tool Promitea, which secures clear communication with all the suppliers and uniform tender conditions for correct supplier choice.
  • We save nature – we approve our orders and send them to partners only in electronic form. You do not have to worry that the order in electronic form is not a binding document – the system will not create it until it has passed the complete approval process according to our internal regulations.

Do you want to be our supplier?

Let us know about you. Contacts for individual buyers for specific commodities can be found in „Contacts“ section. You can also directly register your company to our purchasing tool Promitea at web sites and become easily part of our supplier panel. At the same time you can see a list of open tenders and if the conditions of tender will allow that, you can ask responsible buyer for supplementary invitation

What we expect from you:

  • quality standards, compliance with agreed deadlines and competitive prices,
  • technical support in product development and production,
  • open and fast communication throughout negotiations, especially in the case of problem solving,
  • cooperation in audits and acceptances,
  • acceptance of Technical-delivery Conditions for defined commodities,
  • acceptance of our General Terms and Conditions for Purchase,
  • payment terms without advances and with invoices due at least 60 days.


Purchasing ManagerJana Jůzlová+420 566 643
Head of project goods purchaseMilan Padalík+420 566 643
Head of subcontractingTomáš Sádovský+420 566 642
Head of metallurgical material purchaseRadim Chmelíček+420 566 642
Head of purchase for metallurgyJakub Šindelka+420 566 642
Head of services purchaseJana Stočková+420 566 641
Head of warehousesLukáš Eler+420 566 642
Head of customs servicesPavla Zbojková+420 566 642 638