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Production of electroslag- remelted materials (ESR)

We offer

  • ingots in ESR quality,
  • forgings in ESR quality,
  • remelting of your ingots in the ESR equipment,
  • remelting of your ingots in the ESR equipment and reforging in the CKV 2250 and CKV 1600 presses

Installed equipment

  • the ESR with protective atmosphere and active slag (manufacturer INDUCTOTHERM GROUP – CONSARC)
  • monthly production of 200 to 250 t
Parameters of remelted ingots
555 mmup to 5 700 kg
595 mmup to 6 500 kg
710 mmup to 9 100 kg

Production processes

Electrodes for the ESR are produced in the equipment of primary metallurgy, electric arc furnaces, technology of secondary metallurgy, ladle furnace LF and steel vacuum processing VD/VOD. For remelting, we use cast or forged electrodes.

Special structural steels – rolls for rolling aluminum, turbine rotors, materials for aerospace industry
Tool steels – die materials, steels of tools for pressing
Austenitic steels stabilized with titanium or niobium – fittings, valves
Martensitic steels – blades of turbines and turbochargers

Jaromír Pospíšil
Commercial Manager of Metallurgical Division
Phone: +420 566 642 405