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3D optical measurement

ŽĎAS, a. s. use one of the most modern measuring methods for measuring 3D coordinates. ATOS devices are used by the companies around the world to improve product quality, accelerate development, and optimize production processes. They are of use not only in international automotive and aviation companies, but also in the consumer goods sector and a number of research institutions and universities.

The 3D scanning is a fast and efficient process for obtaining MESH digital output. The output is a file having the .stl extension. Data in this form can be further processed in CAD/CAM systems, e.g. for mould designing, for creating machining technology for CNC machine, archiving, etc.

Size of measured parts

  •  volume MV1000 – 1000 × 750 × 750 mm
    (in case of photos overlap up to 4500 × 2500 × 1300 mm)
  • volume MV700 – 700 × 530 × 530 mm
  • volume MV320 – 320 × 240 × 240 mm

Measurement accuracy

  • volume MV1000 – MPEE 0.095 mm
  • volume MV700 – MPEE 0.047 mm
  • volume MV320 – MPEE 0.027 mm

We offer measurements in the following spheres

  • measurement of dimensions of engineering parts (length dimensions, diameters, spacing, angles, …)
  • soft, pliable parts – contactless inspection of shape and dimensional accuracy
  • digitizing shapes and curves
  • scanning products from various materials (wood, plastic, metal – apply anti-reflective chalk coat on glossy surfaces)
  • converting an unknown, e.g. hand-crafted, form into digital form (design studies, models, prototypes)
  • input data specification for machining technologies (castings, forgings, weldments) and program optimization, CNC machining time reduction

Contact persons:

František Bláha
Phone: +420 566 643 832
Mobile phone: +420 602 171 274