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Scrap Shears, Baling Presses, Nuclear Waste Processing Equipment

ZDAS is manufacturer of metal scrap processing equipment and hydraulic compactors for secondary nuclear waste. Metal scrap processing comprises mobile scrap shears and stationary scrap shears, as well as mobile and stationary scrap baling presses.

Unique technical solutions focused on efficiency, simplicity, ease of operation and trouble-free maintenance and highly resistant material used are among the main advantages of ŽĎASˈs metal scrap processing equipment.


Stanislav Pelikán
Commercial Manager of Engineering Division
Phone: +420 566 643 212

Mobile scrap shears

  • Bestselling product in Europe
  • Shearing capacity from 400 to 730 tonnes
  • Drive option – diesel or electric
  • Easy transportation, simple control
  • Unique technical solution

CNS 400 K CNS 730/190

Stationary scrap shears

  • Possibility for shearing or even limited baling of appropriate scrap
  • Fluent scrap feeding without tilting hopper
  • Swinging jaw for processing of markedly hard scrap
  • Reliable operation under extreme climate conditions
  • Robust construction


Mobile baling presses for scrap

  • Light scrap processing directly at the collection spots
  • Easy transportation to scrap yards
  • Shearing possibility in case of supersized scrap
  • Pressing under 3 axes
  • Truck mounted crane with grabs

Baling presses with cover

Stationary baling presses for scrap

  • Economical scrap processing from pressing plants
  • Processing of scrap by value and car bodies
  • Dosing equipment by feeding scrap weight
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Ecological operation

Baling presses with cover

Baling presses with folding hoppers

Hydraulic press for nuclear waste processing

  • Ecological processing of waste from nuclear power plants
  • Hardening of barrels with nuclear waste before their storage in concrete containers
  • Unique technical solution