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CNS stationary shears with the option of baling

  • Cuts and bales steel scrap
  • High shearing force
  • Patented press before shearing technology and high deformation forces allow for processing of extremely hard scrap
  • CNS shears can operate in an extreme range of temperatures
  • Remote connection to the ZDAS Service Center enables efficient technical assistance

CNS-CV2 shears at the plant of a Russian customer

System of scrap processing with a jaw and cover with the option of baling

With a tensile strength of 440 MPa, the shears are designed to cut and bale bulky amortization and bar scrap

Cutting force (t)800, 1 100, 1 600
Length of charging chamber (mm)6 000, 8 000, 10 000
Width of charging chamber (mm)2 000-2 500
Height of charging chamber (mm)2 000
Maximum tensile strength of the processed material (MPa)440
Maximum thickness of the baled material wall (mm)6
Installed input of the main pumps (kW)4 × 75-6 × 75
Shears output (steel scrap) (t/hr.)23-45

Catalogue Sheet in PDF format