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ŽĎAS joint stock company is a certification owner of the quality management system, pursuant to the EN ISO 9001 standard. Following the organisation structure, there are not only technical quality controls implemented within the Quality Section, performing quality control within manufacturing operation, but also testing labs and non-destructive testing.

Instrumentation and Laboratories Departments are testing labs, which are the owners of an accreditation certificate, pursuant to the ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17 025 standard, issued by the Českým institutem pro akreditaci, o.p.s. (Czech Institute for Accreditation). These labs offer their services also to external customers.

Services for external customers are offered also by the Defectoscopy Department, where non-destructive testing is performed by expert personnel according to respective standards in practically each of the non-destructive testing methods.

We also offer to our customers the measurements by 3D optical system of ATOS company.

Information about activities and offered service of respective Quality Section departments may be found in the references to these departments.