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Hydraulic Presses

ZDAS is manufacturer of complete production lines with hydraulic presses, designed according to individual customerˈs requirements. High-quality and reliable equipment is supported by advanced technology and excellent references. Our wide offering includes servicing repairs, spare parts and modernisation and reconstruction of worn and torn equipment.


Stanislav Pelikán
Commercial Manager of Engineering Division
Phone: +420 566 643 212

Multi-purpose hydraulic presses

  • For the purpose of all the general operations of volume and sheet metal cold forming, semi-hot forming or hot forming
  • Nominal force from 2,000 to 25,000 kN

Hydraulic presses for automotive industry

  • For the purpose of moulding of parts for automobile industry, using hot moulding procedure
  • For moulding operations, following the technological capacity of machine
  • Nominal force from 4000 to 15,000 kN

Deep draw hydraulic presses

  • For hot punching and drawing of hollow rotating bodies and railway wagon buffer moulding
  • Nominal force follows the customer’s request and technology

Straightening hydraulic presses

  • For the purpose of hot and cold straightening shafts, steel castings, welds, rolls, hammer forged forgings and flat plate parts
  • For the purpose of cold straightening of rotary and four-edge profiles and straightening of railway wheelsets
  • Nominal force follows the customer’s request and technology

Special hydraulic presses

  • Assembly and disassembly presses of CDR wheelsets and presses for the CDRA wheelsets‘ adjustments are produced under the nominal power from 3,150 to 5,000 kN
  • CTV tunnel bag presses for parts and testing production of pressings for the aircraft industry and for the pressings‘ production for automotive industry prototypes can be produced of nominal power according to customer’s request
  • CJZ isostatic presses for pressings‘ production by the magnetic particle method of nominal operational pressure from 100 to 400 MPa