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Why Us

The difference between us and other companies in the region is our friendly environment, helpful approach and understanding the needs of our people. We do not consider you as our employees, but as co-workers, helping us to constantly improve ŽĎAS, a.s. and keeping us as one of the top companies in our industry. Quite simply, you can take advantage of your abilities at our company.

“There are three types of values you need for any work in the world: capital, knowledge and freedom” (Tomáš Baťa).

We will provide you the capital, you already have the knowledge, so find your freedom in employment with us!


We appreciate all our people. We are glad to offer you the possibility to gain company benefits you certainly deserve.

  • 5 weeks of vacation
  • flexible working hours
  • meal allowances including own canteen
  • summer camps for the children of employees
  • recondition camps for employees from risky departments
  • accident insurance for employees
  • possibility of financial aid for employees in worse economic conditions
  • support for education and professional development of employees, contributions for language courses
  • contributions for supplementary pension up to CZK 700.00
  • possibility of advantageous use of the recreational facilities of the company
  • advantageous phone tariffs for families of employees
  • possibility of temporary accommodation

ŽĎAS a.s. Employee

Vladimír, 62 years of age: “When I moved to ZR, the biggest working opportunity was ŽĎAS. I took the chance and became employed immediately after my military service and have been here ever since. From my experience here, I can say that I especially appreciate the good team I’ve always been a part of”.

Iva, 52 years of age: “ŽĎAS gave me the opportunity to use my knowledge in the industry in Vysočina region. In connection to the technological development, my work is continuously changing and therefore we always learn new things – this is what I enjoy in my work”.

Stanislav, 53 years of age: “I came to ŽĎAS immediately after military service and from that time I have worked in the workshop. During this time I have learned that for employees the wage is as important as the freedom of the individual and the equality between employees over the entire company. This is an important fact we should always keep in mind”.


ŽĎAS, a.s. was there at the beginning of a couple of local sport associations, which are still supported. We supported both sporting activities in the town as well as the establishment and development of civil activities.

  • Hospital in Nové Město na Moravě
  • Kamélia’s House in Křižanov
  • Roman Catholic parish church in Žďár
  • FC Žďár nad Sázavou