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Engraving and Printing

The complex offer of reproduction services

Thanks to the state-of-the-art printing and engraving machines, we are able to meet even the most demanding requirements for industrial marking with high-quality printing and long-service-life.

Thanks to the state-of-the art equipment, the Engraving and Printing Workplace is able not only to meet in-house requirements of the company ŽĎAS but also to offer the services to other companies. By using a wide portfolio of machines, we are able to make a product according to customer´s specification from small labels up to large-sized stickers.

Electrical labels and markers:

Weidmüller PrintJet ADVANCED label printer

  • Inkjet printer for printing plastic labels Weidmüller MultiCard and metal plates MetalliCard.
  • Perfect for marking conductors, cables, cable harnesses, terminals, apparatuses etc. It can also be used to mark hydraulic hoses, bundles, wires etc.
  • The printer is capable of continuous large-volume print thanks to high capacity of the magazine.
  • Finished labels are chemically resistant and provide long-term equipment marking due to the use of accurate colour printing and subsequent thermal fixation.
  • Printing quality: 1200 dpi
  • Printing in colour scheme: CMYK

Murrplastik Pictor p3b label printer

  • Printing range: 6 base plates (3 × 2) for PC labels, 1 plate for labels for MP label sheets
  • Printing speed: from 90 s – 6 base plates event. 1 label sheet
  • Print resolution: 720 dpi
  • Colour: special sticking paint

Technical labels/plates, advertising articles:

 Gravograph LS100Ex laser

  • Working area: 610 × 305 mm
  • Maximum height of the item marked: 145 mm
  • Laser tube output: 40 W • Resolution: 3 600 dpi
  • Lettering of materials from range of products of Gravotech and RM companies, others after having consulted the customer.
  • Two-layer plastics, wood and glass are commonly used. PVC and copper cannot be used.
  • The laser not only letters, but also is able to engrave shapes acc. to the graphics supplied.

Gravograph IS8000 engraving machine

  • Working area: 610 × 1 220 mm
  • Stroke in Z axis: 80 mm
  • Area flatness: 0.2 mm
  • Lettering of materials from range of products of Gravotech and RM companies, others after having consulted the customer.
  • Application: Brass, aluminium and plastic plates for machines. After having been engraved, the plate surface is chemically treated and varnished. The plates are chemically and heat resistant – they correspond to valid standards for production of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical equipment.

Stickers, advertising articles:

 Mimaki UJF-3042 MkII UV printer

  • Maximum printing area: 300 mm × 420 mm
  • Maximum height: 153 mm
  • Maximum weight: 5 kg
  • Accuracy: 0.5 mm
  • Medium crash protection: laser beam • Resolution: 600, 900, 1 200 dpi
  • Unique print quality due to the use of MAPS, MFD technology and variable size of printing point
  • Inks used: CMYK, LC, LM, white, clear, primer
  • Materials used: self-adhesive PVC, multipurpose inkjet media, car wrapping and protective foils, decorative window foils, foils for luminous advertising, reflecting and fluorescent foils, textile printing foils, laminating foils, application tapes, architectural foils, materials and lamination for Display systems

 Mimaki CG-60SRIII  cutting plotter

  • Permissible sheet width: 90 – 740 mm
  • Effective cutting area: 606 mm
  • Maximum cutting speed: 70 cm/s
  • Adjustable speed: 1 – 10 cm/s (step 1 cm/s), 1 – 70 cm/s (step 5 cm/s)
  • Maximum thrust: 500 g

Varga bevelling device  

  • Disk diameter: 120 mm
  • Working revolutions: 15 000 r.p.m.
  • It serves for bevelling plastics and non-ferrous metals such as brass or aluminium

Software used:

Corel Draw, FineCut, Autocad 2011 and higher, Murrplastik ACS Studio Gold, Weidmuller M-Print® PRO, Gravostyle versions 7 and 8


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