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External Assembly

External assemblies are a separate business of ŽĎAS, a.s.. This activity is mainly focused on:

  • ŽĎAS, a.s. equipment and products’ assembly
  • Disassembly, moving, transportation and assembly of machines and equipment from other customers
  • Preventive inspections of presses, including the measuring report issue and assessment of machine condition
  • Annual maintenance securing
  • Securing the general overhaul of machines and equipment

Machines and assembled by the equipment from ŽĎAS, works are performed in a proper quality and requested deadlines. Expert and language knowledge of workers are the guarantee for good results, even in abroad. Company is equipped by assembly tool containers, including hydraulic torque wrenches, hydraulic drums, moving sets, mounting platforms, etc. There are 43 employees available with professions as locksmith, electrician or certified welder. Workers own crane certifications, licences for fork lift or motor vehicles, welding certifications.

Presentation of certain events for the last period:

  • Assembly supervision for the QKK 100 manipulator in China
  • Assembly supervision and assembly for the CKW 4000 forging presses in Germany and India
  • Assembly supervision and assembly for the CKVX 2500 forging presses in Russia and Romania
  • Repairs of the DAVY 2300 press in Australia
  • Assembly of the straightening line and cooling of axles in Russia
  • Assembly supervision of inspection lines in Russia
  • Moving of presses – full cold press technology from Germany to the Czech Republic
  • Moving of presses from Erfurt in Germany to Slovakia
  • Disassembly and assembly during general overhaul of the 21 press line in Škoda VW Mladá Boleslav
  • Pahnke presses‘ repair in France
  • Assembly of pilger mill in Sweden



Roman Sojma
Head of Department
Phone: +420 566 643 762
Mobile phone: +420 602 505 989