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Mechanical Presses

Machines Division Commerce
Stanislav Pelikán
Phone.: +420 566 643 212
E-mail: stanislav.pelikan@zdas.cz

Single point crank mechanical presses

  • For the purpose or areal forming from plates as well as for volumetric forming, appropriate mainly for bulk production of lower and form-demanding „plate“ pressings or for extrusion, forming and shearing
  • For cutting, bending, drawing, extrusion, closed die forging and further forming operations
  • Nominal power from 2,500 to 10,000 kN

Multi-point crank mechanical presses

  • For accurate press works in case of mass production
  • For inclusion into automatic shearing line, which prepares semi-finished products for the input into forming line
  • Nominal power from 3,150 to 8,000 kN

Joint mechanical presses

  • Double-point crank presses with joint mechanism
  • For forming operations of plate parts, mainly for large pressings, requiring larger tensile depth, e.g. in the automobile industry
  • Nominal power from 3,150 to 8,000 kN

Eccentric mechanical presses

  • Double-point crank presses
    • For moulding process from belt with plates in combined tools in a form of shearing, cutting out, shallow drawing and bending
    • Nominal power from 2,000 to 5,000 kN