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Mechanical Presses

ZDAS is manufacturer of complete production lines with mechanical presses, designed according to individual customerˈs requirements. High-quality and reliable equipment is supported by advanced technology and excellent references. Our wide offering includes servicing repairs, spare parts and modernisation and reconstruction of worn and torn equipment.


Stanislav Pelikán
Commercial Manager of Engineering Division
Phone: +420 566 643 212

Single point crank mechanical presses

  • For the purpose or areal forming from plates as well as for volume forming, appropriate mainly for bulk production of lower and form-demanding „plate“ pressings or for extrusion, forming and shearing
  • For cutting, bending, drawing, extrusion, closed die forging and further forming operations
  • Nominal power from 2,500 to 10,000 kN

Multi-point crank mechanical presses

  • For accurate press works in case of mass production
  • For inclusion into automatic shearing line, which prepares semi-finished products for the input into forming line
  • Nominal power from 3,150 to 8,000 kN

Joint mechanical presses

  • Double-point crank presses with joint mechanism
  • For forming operations of plate parts, mainly for large pressings, requiring larger tensile depth, e.g. in the automotive industry
  • Nominal power from 3,150 to 8,000 kN

Eccentric mechanical presses

  • Double-point crank presses
    • For moulding process from belt with plates in combined tools in a form of shearing, cutting out, shallow drawing and bending
    • Nominal power from 2,000 to 5,000 kN
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