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Open-Die Forging Equipment

ZDAS joint stock company supplies equipment for open die and closed die forging in any range. We produce forging presses, forging manipulators, forging lines and integrated forging units, including designing and turnkey solutions. Wide offer includes servicing repairs, spare parts and modernisation and reconstruction of worn and torn equipment.

We also offer software support of automatic forging ZDAS TechForge for integrated forging units. This concept enables automatic forging according to parameter inputs from the recipe. As a result, the time of forging is shortened, electrical energy consumption is reduced, work the work of operators is facilitated, and their mistakes are minimized.

Integrated forging units

  • Comprising of forging press with hydraulic drive and one or two forging manipulators.
  • Electrical equipment with programmable automatic equipment allow manual or automatic control, including the integration of press – manipulator.
  • Ingot bogie, rotary lifting table, tool manipulator and tool sets can be included, following the technological purpose of respective unit


Stanislav Pelikán
Commercial Manager of Engineering Division
Phone: +420 566 643 212

Forging presses

CKW pull-down forging presses

Nominal forming force from 6.3 to 70 MN


CKV push-down four-column forging presses

Nominal forming force from 6.3 to 140 MN

2A_CKV Hornotlaké kovací lisy

CKVX push-down forging presses

Nominal forming force from 6.3 to 75 MN


CKZW pull-down four-column forging presses

Nominal forming force of 56 MN


Other equipment

QKK forging manipulators

Carrying capacity from 15 to 1,600 kN



QNK rail tool manipulators and QNM wheel tool manipulators

Carrying capacity from 10 to 50 kN



QHK ingot carriages

Carrying capacity from 30 to 1,600 kN


QHZ rotary lifting tables

Carrying capacity from 50 to 400 kN


QWK rotary forging tables

Carrying capacity from 8 to 400 kN


QMJV automatic tongs

Carrying capacity from 100 to 500 kN

QMJV Automatic Tongs