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Non-destructive tests

Defectoscopy section disposes of equipment for performing a non-destructive testing of forgings and castings by visual, magnetic, penetration, ultrasonic and radiographic method.

Testing personnel is qualified in accordance with the standards EN ISO 9712 and SNT-TC-1A.

Radiographic testing of materials is performed on the radiographic workplace, max. thickness of the material tested by radiographic method is up to 100 mm. An RTG lighting is used for this method or the Iridium 192 isotope.

Magnetic testing is performed on a stationary magnetic device by directed flow of power up to 3 × 18000 A. Further tools used for magnetic testing are rectifiers:

  • GWH40
  • GWH60
  • ISOTEST 100

For the purpose of displaying the surface defects, we us UV lighting and tools for the wet magnetic particle inspection.

Ultrasonic testing is performed by following devices:

  • EPOCH 600
  • EPOCH 650
  • EPOCH 1000
  • USM 36
  • USM 35
  • USN 58.

For the purpose of displaying internal defects, direct, double, angular and special probes are applied, following the requirements of our customers.

Documentation on executed tests is supplied to the customer in electronic or printed form.


Petr Smolík
Head of Department
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