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Social Responsibility

Bohemian-Moravian Highlands (Českomoravská vysočina) belongs to the most beautiful region of the Czech Republic. In 1968, protected area of Žďárské vrchy was declared here. Naturally, that had an impact on ŽĎAS, which fell directly into the center of interests of public and environmentalists.

Therefore, significant portion of company costs represent ecological construction, whose execution caused significant reduction of emissions of polluting substances into the air. The most important are electro static boiler separators for company power stations, suction of electric arc furnaces, central separating station of metallurgy division, modernisation and construction of new painting shops, gasification of metallurgy division, etc. Thank to these measures, ŽĎAS faces no problems with complying with rules and regulations for air protection.

Also in the water protection industry, we invested mainly into the reconstruction and repairs of wastewater treatment plants (organic and inorganic). Thanks to the construction of new de-emulgation station, company faces no problems now with the treatment of own cutting and cooling emulsions, containing oil substances. Polluted wastewater, let into the Sázava river, remains within national regulation limits.

Besides numerous cultural activities, supported by the joint stock company ŽĎAS, there is also an important direct and long-term cooperation with the representatives of municipal government. They also understand the significance of our company completely, which regarding its turnover remains the largest contributor to the municipal budget. Besides the mandatory contributions, ŽĎAS also takes part and supports certain municipal activities.

ŽĎAS brand could be also found on the Himalayan peaks, could be seen on the sail around the world and is regularly seen during various cultural and sporting activities. Chamber music and singing associations as well as sporting clubs, supported by ŽĎAS are on the top positions in different tournaments and exhibitions. Within the social area, there is a considerable contribution to the health care sector seen, designed mainly for the modernisation of regional hospital in the neighbouring Nové Město na Moravě.