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Material Dividing and Pickling

Material dividing

  • by water jet machine
  • by burning
  • by sawing
  • by shearing

Our specialized workplaces are able to divide all the kinds of metal, stainless, plastic, rubber, glass or ceramic materials, including their securing and supply.

Production capacities

  • Water jet workplace consists of two separate technological devices. Cutting tables‘ areas: 4500 × 8000 mm and 2500 × 4000 mm. Both workplaces enable shapes‘ separation in 2D and 3D, following the drawings and data in electronic form. Cutting possibilities up to the thickness of 160 mm.
  • Workplace where the oxygen-acetylene torch is used for cutting by the thickness of 300 mm. Cutting table size is of 6000 × 14500 mm.
  • Material separation is executed on band-saws of 440 × 600 mm.
  • Material separation on dividing shears up to the thickness of 16 mm and width of 3150 mm.

Material pickling

We are offering you solution for surface adjustment of semi-finished products by using the pickling method.

Pickling method – pickling procedures for steel pickling of the class 17 (stainless materials).

Pickling results comply with the highest requirements put on these procedures.

Technical capacities of this machine

  • Size of pickling material is limited by the pickling vat size. Vat size is following: l = 6000 mm, h = 3000 mm, w = 1000 mm, medium level = 2200 mm.
  • Material weight up to one batch is limited by the load of feeding equipment – 4000 kg.


Melichar Martin
Head of Department
Phone: +420 566 643 064
Mobile phone: +420 602 589 601