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Closed Die Forging Equipment

ZDAS ranks among the leading manufacturers of equipment for the open-die and closed-die forging. Significant references have been obtained in both fields of manufacturing. Closed-die forging equipment includes screw presses with electric drive, hydraulic screw presses and vertical forging presses. Our wide offering includes servicing repairs, spare parts and modernisation and reconstruction of worn and torn equipment.


Stanislav Pelikán
Commercial Manager of Engineering Division
Phone: +420 566 643 212

Spindle presses with electrical drive

  • LVE presses of nominal power from 2,500 kN to 16,000 kN
  • Designed for the production of closed die forgings

Hydraulic spindle presses

  • LVH presses of nominal power from 10,000 kN to 40,000 kN
  • For the purpose of accurate closed die forging

Vertical forging presses

  • LZK presses of 63,000 kN nominal power
  • Designed for accurate closed die forging and calibration of different forging by hot forging