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Material Straightening Equipment

Commercial Manager of Engineering Division
Stanislav Pelikán
Phone: +420 566 643 212

Bar straightener

Diameter of straightened bars up to 350 mm

  • XRK 2 double-roll straightener
  • XRK 9 nine-roll straightener
  • XRK 10 ten-roll straightener
  • XRK 15 fifteen-roll straightener

Tube straightener

Diameter of straightened tubes up to 400 mm

  • XRK 3-3 six-roll straightener – drive of all rolls
  • XRK 5-5 ten-roll straightener – drive of all rolls

Straightening line equipment

  • Bars‘ division from bank of bars
  • Input and output channels
  • Feeding and extracting equipment
  • Collecting bags

Straightening hydraulic presses

  • For the straightening of shafts, steel castings, welds, rolls, hammer forged forgings and flat parts from plate under cold or hot straightening
  • For the straightening of round and four-edge profiles under cold straightening and for wheelsets‘ straightening
  • Nominal power follows the request of customer and respective technology