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The company ŽĎAS, a. s. is certified for the management system according to the EN ISO 9001: 2015 by the company TÜV NORD CERT.

Included is our calibration laboratory – Metrology. We provide comprehensive calibration services in the field of length, angle and pressure. We are able to meet all basic requirements according to the ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. Our employees own personal certificates of competency issued by a certification body accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute. The employees verify their measurements by participating in inter-laboratory comparison and are highly successful.

We are equipped with modern measuring equipment and a wide range of standards with relation to the national standards. We will be glad to supply a traceability scheme on request. Of course, there is a fully air-conditioned laboratory, which includes a separate room provided with additional air conditioning for the end gauge calibration.

A common part of the gauge calibration is its maintenance and adjustment. The gauge can be equipped with a label indicating the period of validity and marked according to customer´s needs. A detailed calibration sheet is issued for the calibrated gauge.

Laboratory equipment:

The basis of the length standards are end gauges. Our main Standards calibrated at the Czech Metrology Institute are sets evenly covering up to 1000 mm in length (0.5 mm – 100 mm, 100 mm – 500 mm, 600 mm – 1000 mm and a set for micrometer calibration). The set of angle gauges is mainly used to calibrate the protractors. We use adjusting collars from 3 mm to 300 mm to calibrate the inside callipers.

In addition to the length measuring devices of common sizes (ULM ZEISS 300, 2x ULM ZEISS 600, ULM1000 S MAHR), we also have a digitized length measuring device Carl Zeiss Jena 3000 mm, where we can calibrate the gauges of larger dimensions. We have a wide range of accessories for all length measuring devices for various measurements.

The PRECIMAR 826 comparator is used to calibrate end gauges up to 100 mm and the ULM ZEISS 600  one is used to calibrate larger gauges. Both of them are located in a thermally separated room. Angle gauges and other precise smaller shaped gauges are measured on the ZEISS ZKM 250 microscope.

The list will then be supplemented by a Mahr 600 height gauge, a TESA digital level for calibration of surface plates, a comparing ruler for calibration of levels and a pair of MTU 60 and MTU 600 piston pressure gauges for calibration of manometers.

Calibrated gauges:

We calibrate almost all types of length and angle gauges used in mechanical engineering. The most common are callipers, dial indicators and drift meters. Of the solid gauges, we calibrate screw plug gauges (including the ANSI/ASME standard) as well as plain plug gauges, rings and taper gauges. Last but not least, surface plates, rulers and prisms. We have recently started the calibration of Torque wrenches in the moment of force range from 10 N·m to 2000 N·m. A complete list of our calibration capabilities, including measurement uncertainty, can be found in the attached table Here.

Calibration price and time:

We will send you a price list of calibrations on request. The calibration time depends on the extent of utilization of the laboratory, but should not exceed one week. Our maximum responsiveness to customers´ requirements is natural.

You can submit the gauges for calibration in person, by post or by courier service. After the calibration, we will hand over the gauges to you in person or send them by post. In the case of large or heavy gauges/measuring devices, especially surface plates, we will perform the calibration at your place.

We will be glad to provide you with further information and answer your questions about our services.

Contact :

Luděk Brada
Head of Department
Tel.: +420 566 642 325