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Performed in connection to the execution of Government Decree No. 378/2001 Coll., on requirements for the safety of product, measurements and verification of safety parameters of forming and other machines.

Within the cited government decree, there is i.a. the obligation to perform safety checks of the machine before its commissioning and subsequent checks shall be repeated once per 12 months. Safety parameters of the machine have to remain within the range, set by standardized value (specific technical requirements, included in respective Czech standard). We perform accredited tests designed for measurement of following parameters:

  • measuring of brake parameters (stopping time and the coast route of working part of such machine) to set safe distance of controllers and safety equipment (light curtains, covers, etc.) – necessary prerequisite for safe machine operation
  • setting the concomitance time of double-hand control of the machine – necessary prerequisite for safe machine operation

Further accredited tests, performed by our laboratories (ZL) Measurements:

  • tests of functional overlapping of clutch and brake
  • measurement of power parameters of equipment under load (safety equipment function verification limiting the machine overload)
  • acoustic pressure level measurement (noise level at the place of operation and within working environment)
  • machine acoustic performance measurement
  • measurement of vibrations with impacts on human health
  • measurement of residual voltage by the drilling method

These accredited tests are performed according to testing procedures, approved by ČIA (Český institut pro akreditaci – Czech Accreditation Institute) and are based on valid standards and regulations.

Quality and demonstrability of measurement results for supervisory authorities is guaranteed in our laboratory by its accreditation pursuant to the ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard and ČSN ISO 9001 certification.

Besides the above mentioned accredited tests, we perform number of further non-accredited physical measurements like temperature measurements by thermocouples, tensometric hardness measurements, technological measurements (e.g. mechanical stress, strength, pressures, torques, travels, speeds, revolutions, electric current, voltage, power, etc.)

Testing laboratory for measurement
Ing. Daniel Říčan – Head of Measurements Department
phone: +420 566 64 3683, +420 602 472 183

Accredited certification of our laboratory

Attachment of Accredited certification of our laboratory