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ŽĎAS, a.s. secures full servicing for its products, based on provision of warranty and post-warranty servicing, supply of spare parts and technical consultancy. Servicing of own products is secured for the entire period of their technical lifetime.

Warranty servicing

  • Warranty repairs
  • Warranty checks

Warranty servicing

  • Post-warranty servicing
  • Emergency repairs
  • Operational and fault diagnostics
  • Technical checks

Spare parts‘ supplies

  • Operational supplies of original spare parts from the warehouse
  • Custom-made original spare parts
  • Substitution setting

Advisory services

  • Technical consultancy
  • Training of users
  • Repairs‘ proposals and modernisation of machines and devices

Individual and extra services

Remote diagnostics through phone lines (following the agreement with software supplier), servicing of machines of similar types from foreign manufacturers. Personnel and maintenance personnel training is standardly executed for all the machines and devices, newly commissioned.


Martin Malenovský
Head of Department
Phone: +420 566 641 943
Mobile phone: +420 724 773 066