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Hydraulic drives

Driving principles of hydraulic presses, produced in ŽĎAS may be divided int two groups: water emulsion and oil one. Water emulsion principle is mainly used in case of forging presses, while oil type (direct or combined) is used in case of forming hydraulic presses. Company solves industrial application, which are operated with both, hydraulic oil and water emulsion as well. ŽĎAS, as a top manufacturer of different forming machines for different industrial applications keeps stable philosophy of supplying its machine in full and prepared to be used with the equipment, including hydraulic, electronic and electric control systems.

Hydraulic cylinders, sets and valves

Hydraulic systems‘ development and production, including complex products, consisting of pipelines, driving units, tanks and sets, fitted with hydraulic elements, hydraulic cylinders, valves, etc.

  • Design documentation of hydraulic systems or respective knots
  • Modernization of existing hydraulic systems, including substitution for the original hydraulic elements
  • Consulting and advisory services in the area of fluid systems
  • Setup and optimisation of existing systems
  • Assistance in case of adjustment for a different operational fluid
  • Defects‘ analysis and proposals for their removal
  • Technical assistance during commissioning
  • Proposal or modification of the control system
  • Construction of special hydraulic elements
  • Strength calculations by using the FEM methodology


Radek Vlček
Technical Manager of Engineering Division
Phone: +420 566 642 623