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Performs full examination of mechanical, chemical and metallographic properties of steel and metallic materials and input raw materials in general. Laboratories are owners of the accreditation certificates pursuant to the ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard and are included into the system certified by ISO 9001, members of an international association of measuring, testing and analytical labs Eurolab-cz, members of Czech Laboratories Association and testing facilities with audited activities, while they attend interlaboratory comparison tests regularly for the purpose of securing the highest possible quality of their results.

Mechanical Testing Station

  • Tensile test (up to +600°C)
  • Compression test
  • Bending test
  • V-notch test (from –196 °C to +120 °C)
  • Technological tests
  • Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell Hardness

Tensile testing machines – ZWICK Z 400E, THZ 723, ZD 400

Impact testing hammers – ZWICK RKP 450, PSW 300

Durometers – STRUERS DuraVision – 250, DiaTestor 2Rc, Brinell KPE 3000

Cooling equipment – LAUDA ProLine RP890, AMSLER TV 742

Chemical laboratory

  • Analysis of low-alloyed, medium-alloyed and high-alloyed steel
  • Non-ferrous metals analyses (Cu, Al alloys)
  • Nickel alloys analyses
  • Gases content in steel (H2, N2, O2)
  • Measuring of measured radioactivity
  • Analysis of input raw materials and slags

Spectrometers – ARL 4460, ARL 3460, PMI-Master Pro mobile spectrometer

Gamaspectrometer – EXPLORANIUM GR 320

Thermoevolution analysers – LECO TC 600, H 836 a CS 844

Spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma – (ICP) GBC Integra XL

Atomic absorption spectrometer – (AAS) GBC Avanta Ultra Z

Metallographic laboratory

Metallographic evaluation (evaluation of micropurity of the steel, grain size and microstructure, setting of the depth of chemically and thermally processed layers and depth of decarbonization, microhardness measuring, alloy analysis, setting of resistance against intercrystal corrosion, macrostructure documentation, checking of macrostructure by deep etching, evaluation of fracture areas, determination of Delta-Ferrit, measurement of thickness of plated layers, thermal processing of laboratory samples).

Metallographic, professional reports (complaints, defects and destruction roots examination in case of steel semi-finished products and products, cooperation with research facilities, etc.)

Microscopes – NEOPHOT 32 a OLYMPUS GX51F

Image analysis – LECO IA32

Digital documentation – ZEISS ACIOCAM ERC 5S

Microdurometer – LECO AMH43

Samples preparation – STRUERS CitoPress-1, Discotom-6, LECO Spectrum System 2000

All the above mentioned tests are performed according to respective standards (ČSN, DIN, ASTM…) and technical and supply conditions, set by the customer.



Zdeněk Sedlák
Head of the Department
Phone: +420 566 642 489
Mobile phone: +420 725 897 117