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CNS 630-S


  • Precompression of cut scrap using two swing-mounted side plates – wings
  • The width and height of the scrap is reduced and the entire contents is compressed into a square
  • The clamp pushes the scrap into the shearing area
  • The holder pushes the scrap and the blade sledge shears it
  • The entire cycle is automatic
  • Scrap can be charged into the tilting hopper during shearing and then dumped out into the open charging chambre at the end of the cycle
  • The shears are controlled either directly from the operating cabin or from the portable panel by the loading operator

Side view of the CNS 630 shears

CNS 630-S
Max. shearing force (t)630
Max. number of cuts (1/min.)6
Max. output (t/hr.)15
Max. diameter to be sheared (mm)150
Tensile strength of material to be sheared (MPa)440
Length of charging chamber (mm)5 250
Width of charging chamber (mm)2 100
Height of pusher (mm)600
Shearing width (mm)640
Length of shears (mm)13 800
Width of shears (mm)5 950
Height of shears (mm)5 800

Catalogue Sheet in PDF format