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ŽĎAS among the top Czech producers in Shanghai


In the Free Trade Zone in Shanghai, China, the pavilion of the Czech Republic was officially opened at the end of July this year, whose main task is to present Czech culture, education and industry and help to find possible ways of mutual cooperation between the two countries. Worldwide-renowned Czech producers across various fields, including the ŽĎAS joint-stock company, are presenting in the pavilion of the Czech Republic. Our company exhibits a model of the drawing line with tube-dividing saw in the Czech pavilion. The saw intended for the tube dividing directly on the drawing bench was introduced by the ŽĎAS company as its technical innovation at last year’s International Engineering Fair in Brno for the first time. This model was the main exhibit here. Besides the model in large-scale photographs, there are presented attractive reference deliveries executed by our company in the area next to Škoda Auto manufacturer.