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Video interview: Turbulent years according to Pavel Cesnek from ŽĎAS. What is their outlook for the future?


CEO of ŽĎAS Pavel Cesnek visited the Voices of Industry studio. How do you evaluate the last so-called turbulent years (covid period and subsequent energy crisis)? The ŽĎAS company supplied the Russian market, they left it due to the war in Ukraine and are focusing on new cooperation with countries in Asia and America. How do they manage to break into these markets? Has the product portfolio changed in any way? How do they manage to respond to demand? What constraints and obstacles do they face in the markets? How do they fight the energy crisis and what energy-saving solutions do they choose? Will Europe be competitive? Do they have visions for the future? Watch an eight-minute interview from MSV 2023 on

Turbulentní roky dle Pavla Cesneka ze společnosti ŽĎAS. Jaký mají výhled do budoucna?