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Engineering Mechanics 2024


The International Engineering Mechanics Conference is an exemplary example of working cooperation between the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, universities, applied research and industrial enterprises.

The goal of the 30th conference was to gain an overview of the current state of development in the mechanics of rigid and deformable bodies, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, especially in relation to projects being solved in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries. This conference was held on May 14-16, 2024 at the Devět Skal hotel in Milovech, which is located in the beautiful nature of the Žďárská vrchoviny.

As part of the conference, 3 diplomas were awarded for the best poster. The prize for the best poster for a collective of authors without age restrictions was won by colleagues from the technical section of the Division of Mechanical Engineering, Ing. Josef Mrkos, Ing. Pavel Horký and Ing. Michael Formánek with the title “RECONSTRUCTION OF DUO ROLLING MILL” and Ondrášek J. from VUTS Liberec with the title “DESIGN OF AN INDEXING GEARBOX WITH RADIAL CAMS”. The prize for the best poster for the young responsible author was won by the collective Zabloudil J., Jegla Z., Daxner J., Babička Fialová D., Freisleben V., Reppich M., entitled “CONSTRUCTION OF A MODULAR DEVICE FOR TESTING HIGHTEMPERATURE FLUE-GAS FOULING IN WASTE-HEAT SOURCES”.

Congratulations to all awardees.