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Modernization of the heat treatment of forgings at the Forge


👉On Monday, July 1, 2024, the 1️⃣ phase of the long-term investment event at the Forge was launched. We started by removing the original oil and water tanks. Key investments for the period 2024-2025 are aimed at expanding the dimensional parameters of heat treatment in a vertical position with a focus on the production of significantly longer forgings. The original technical capabilities of the quenching tanks made it possible to process forgings up to 7 m long with a weight of up to 10 tons and a diameter of 0.85 m. After the completion of the entire investment project, including the new deep furnace, it will be possible to heat process the forgings in a vertical position up to 10 m long with a weight of up to 15 tons and a diameter of 1 m.👍🙂 ❗ We will inform you about the further progress of this event!🙂 #metallurgy #ZDAS #engineering #investment #modernization