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Inspection and Straightening Lines for Bar Finishing

ZDAS is manufacturer of inspection lines and straightening lines intended for material inspection. This equipment provides the possibility to increase the added value of rolled bar material by allowing to guarantee its significant quality parameters – straight shape, absence of internal and surface defects, accuracy of transverse size, surface quality, material quality and length size within the requested assortment and tolerance.

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Inspection and Straightening Lines for Round Bars
Oblique Bar and Tube Straighteners

Straightening and Peeling Line at Třinecké železárny
Inspection Line for Round Bars at OEMK Stary Oskol

Inspection and Straightening Lines for Bars Finishing

Open Die Forging

ZDAS  supplies equipment for open die and closed die forging in any range. We produce forging presses, forging manipulators, forging lines and integrated forging units, including designing and turnkey solutions. Wide offer includes servicing repairs, spare parts and modernisation and reconstruction of worn and torn equipment. We also offer software support of automatic forging ZDAS TechForge for integrated forging units. This concept enables automatic forging according to parameter inputs from the recipe. As a result, the time of forging is shortened, electrical energy consumption is reduced, work the work of operators is facilitated, and their mistakes are minimized.

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Open-Die Forging Equipment
TechForge Automatic Forging

Forging Unti at BGH Freital
Forging unit at BGH Edelstahl Lippendorf

Open-Die Forging Equipment

Railway Wheel
Production Lines

The company ŽĎAS, a.s. offersa complete manufacturing linefor forming and forging of railwaywheels. The manufacturing lineconsists of a rotary hearthreheating furnace, four hydraulicpresses with unit drives, onerolling mill, manipulation device,stamping device and measuringequipment gauging semi-finishedwheel dimensions. Next, the manu -facturing line is furnished withautomatic tool-exchange-me cha -nism within the hydraulic pressesincluding preheating of tools.

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Equipment for Railway Industry
Production of Railway Wheel Semi-Products
Forging and Straightening of Railway Axles
Hydraulic Presses for Assembly and Disassembly of Railway Wheel Sets
Production of Railway Wagon Buffers

Rolling Mill
Forging of Railway Axles
Straightening of Railway Axles
Cooling of Railway Axles
Press for the Adjustment of Railway Wheelsets

Railway Industry

Metal Scrap Processing Equipment

ZDAS is manufacturer of metal scrap processing equipment and hydraulic compactors for secondary nuclear waste. Metal scrap processing comprises mobile scrap shears and stationary scrap shears, as well as mobile and stationary scrap baling presses. Unique technical solutions focused on efficiency, simplicity, ease of operation and trouble-free maintenance and highly resistant material used are among the main advantages of ŽĎASˈs metal scrap processing equipment.

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Scrap Metal Processing Equipment

Scrap Processing Equipment
Semi-mobile Scrap Shears CNS 730/190
Mobile baling press CPB 100
Mobile baling press CPB 100 in tandem
Stationary baling press CPS 630

Scrap Shears, Baling Presses, Nuclear Waste Processing Equipment

About ŽĎAS, a.s.

The joint-stock company ŽĎAS belongs among leaders of Czech engineering. For nearly 70 years, it has been a modern and reliable manufacturer of forming machines, equipment for rolled products processing, metallurgic products and pressing tools. Production halls are equipped with high-quality machinery to perform heavy and light machining and the assembly and testing of individual products. Our production is supplied to nearly fifty countries all over the world.


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