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The new QKK 20NK manipulator


Construction and groundwork on new rail-bound manipulator QKK 20NK is being completed these weeks. This project is the first stage of modernization of the ŽĎAS’s forging shop planned for the next year. A new unit drive for CKV 2250 press will be produced for the Forging Shop in the second stage (2022 to 2023). The last stage planned for the period 2024/2025, ŽĎAS will produce and put in operation a brand- new forging press CKV 3000.

The reason for the investment is an increasing volume of produced forgings for the power industry and customers’ requirements for materials with high deformation resistance, increasing requirements for purity, internal quality, homogeneity and mechanical properties. All these facts place demands on higher pressure, i.e. a greater press force application. The new QKK 20NK manipulator will enable production of heavier, larger and more demanding forged pieces, moving from the existing maximum forging weight of 9 tons over to 15 tons, and increasing the existing maximum ingot weight of 11.5 tons up to 20 tons.

The new QKK 20NK manipulator will be operated with the existing CKV 2250 forging press for a certain period. As soon as further project stages implemented, it will work together with the new CKV 3000 forging press. Its design is based on the successful prototype supplied to the German BGH EDELSTAHL Lippendorf Company in 2018/2019. Design of this prototype will be improved and modernized, based on the nearly 2-years long experience in the demanding operating conditions at our German customer.


(photo: Forging Unit with QKK 20NK Manipulator at BGH EDELSTAHL Lippendorf, Germany)